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This is a copy across from my university”s work forums. I”ve been spending a couple of months on a hard surface vehicle/mecha project, due to conclude its development cycle in May.

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I”m a 3D Modeller with experience on producing hard surface mechs for set timeframes. An it


My intended goal is to produce a mecha which fits into the design and construction blueprint of the Skells from Xenoblade Chronicles X (MonolithSoft & Nintendo).


Briefly, Skells are Pilotable Combat Mecha from MonolithSoft”s Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U 2015). They”re designed by Takayuki Yanase – Mecha Designer and Illustrator (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Armored Core) and over 50 different animes series and films where mecha are featured

I”ll be using Yanase”s available designs, direct reference from my own copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X, and the wiki site for the game, as well as modelling videos and other appropriate resources to create my own Skell in 3D Model form.

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This will be the second complex mecha I will have made, and with this Skell, I”m looking to improve upon my workflow from my previous project, a recreation of Optimus Prime, based on the Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class action figure –



To briefly con-crit myself, all of his detail has been replicated, even in lesser-seen areas, the topology is universally clean, and all of the pieces fit flush together with no clipping, even during the animation. However, from a texturing and baking standpoint, because the workflow relied entirely on floating/segmented geometry, and didn”t employ the hard-surface philosophy of chamfered edges on its high-poly, this meant that the bakes were riddled with artefacts. And his dual energy swords didn”t make it in.

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With this cycle, I have 16 weeks to create the skell, as well as produce several pieces of weaponry for it. I”ll need to get used to blocking out and proportion checking, as well as ensure the high poly meshes are modelled with baking down in mind, so chamfers and full geometry. This time, I want to capture a clean but still metal look with his texture, and I want to ensure a clean, errorless normal bake. The skells can also transform into vehicles, so I want to get that working too, and I want to present it within the Unreal Engine.

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