The Witcher 3: Witcher 3 Best Place To Sell Weapons, Where to sell Junk Witcher 3

Who/Where is the best place to sell stuff? The Noviegrad Armorer only has a couple 1000$ which barely can afford 1 maybe 2 swords. Who has the most money to sell off all the swords and arrnor to instead up meditating every 5 days just to get 2 grand?

Witcher 3 Best Place To Sell Weapons

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Armorers/blacksmiths at forts around Toussaint that you have to libirate from bandits. Not only these merchants have like 12000 gold on them but also give you preferred rates at their shops Other than that the grandmaster craftsmen in Toussaint. He has just about as much gold, just no discount, he”s also available right from the start.If talking about the main game only, the armorer at the Hierarch Square usually has a good amount of gold on him, around 8000. Also the two craftsmen at Kaer Trolde usually have a good sum on them as the pair at Kaer Muire does. If selling junk items, then Passiflora and Kingfisher have no alternatives.


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If you have a lot of excessive expensive swords and armor you may keep them in the stash and sell later when you will craft Master Items – high-level crafting costs a lot of money, so you can get your money back immediately. As for the best merchants – yes, Novigrad armorer and later master blacksmith have a lot of cash and best prices (before Toussaint became accessible).Also there is good halfling alchemist near Katarina”s brothel – he has prices times better then average trader, so if you need ingredients than it is wise to buy from him and return you money by selling monster parts. Same comes for junk – it is good to buy alcohol for White Gull in taverns (can”t be looted) and return your money by selling animal hides etc – it”s more profitable then selling them to regular merchants.
A good way to get around that is find anyone that can craft items you need, later in the game it can get really expensive to craft an armor set so just use those after you craft them to get your money back


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Where to Sell Junk?

In the Witcher 3, Different merchants will offer different values for your items, so it’s important to do your research and find the best one to sell to. Here is a list of all the best merchants who will offer you the best price for your items.

Selling Glyphs and Armors

Glyphs: Most of the merchants will sell Glyphs and Armors. But before selling any items, players are required to unlock their respective quests in order to complete their quest requirements. You may also sell them to another player via the Auction House. This is because most of the quests will require a key item such as a lockbox or crystal for new players to complete their quests.

Armors: Armor sales will also require players to complete their quests and collect the materials required for making the item. You may also sell them to another player via the Auction House.

Selling Runestones and Weapons

Runestones: Most of the merchants will sell Runestones and Weapons. In some cases, they may not sell all four types of Runestones, but you may get more value out of it than selling all the four types of Runestones at the same merchant. This is because the four types of Runestones will be sold in various conditions by different merchants. If players want to maximize their profit, they may sell all the four types of Runestones and buy them from another player via the Auction House.

Weapons: Most of the merchant will sell Weapons. In some cases, they may not sell all the four types of Weapons, but you may get more value out of it than selling all the four types of Weapons at the same

For most characters, selling books can be a really quick and efficient way to get money. With 100% cashback, if you sell one book each week you’ll have over 5k in just one day of selling. For some characters, this may not be necessary, but most of the time books sell really well and even if they don’t, they’re still a valuable commodity to have.

Selling Junk Items

For most characters, selling junk items is also a good way to get some quick cash. With 100% cashback, if you sell one junk item each week you’ll have over 10k in just one day of selling.

Selling Food and Drink Selling

Food and Drink is pretty straight forward, with 100% cashback you can sell a single bundle of Food and Drink each week for over 50k.

Selling Alchemy Equipments

The higher tier the equipment is, the more gold you can get. The tier 1 has a value of 1,000 gold. The tier 2 has a value of 3,000 gold. Don’t sell the lesser of your crafts in bulk, as they are usually worth quite a bit.

Selling Trophies

You can find a place to sell your trophies on the north-west side of Oxenfurt Gate in Novigrad for the best price.

Tips on Selling Items

Low on Money

If you are low on money, sell excess items from your Inventory. Every item has a value and if you sell items that are over your value limit you will get money for them. They will be put into your bank.


To dismantle items, press and hold the “USE” key while using them. There are a number of benefits to dismantling: Items can be sold from your Inventory Menu, they can be sold at the shop, and they can be converted into Crafting Materials.

FAQs about Witcher 3 Best Place To Sell Weapons

1. What merchant pays the most in Witcher 3?

In Witcher 3 all merchants pay very similar prices. Some, like the ones in Novigrad, will be a little more expensive than others. No merchant in the game pays substantially more than another.

2. Should I sell all swords Witcher 3?

No. There are many swords in the game which are highly sought after, not only because they are good to use but also because they are a key part of secondary quests. The best way to get hold of these swords is to take part in the secondary quests yourself.

3. What junk Should I sell Witcher 3?

Most of the junk you find in the game can be sold to merchants. You will get better prices, both at basic and advanced traders, for items that are more valuable than others. You can also sell some minor loot to Zoltan and get good money. In general, when looking for a place to sell your junk, you should focus on specific categories of items.

I hope you enjoyed the article and found some useful information. Try to keep reading my articles and use them when you’re looking for new stuff to do in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you have any suggestions regarding The Witcher 3 junk, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments.

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