why does haemon visit his father, creon?


Why Does Haemon Visit His Father, Creon??

Haemon, Creon’s son. … Why does Haemon visit his father, Creon? To advice Creon to not kill Antigone. What action does Creon take as a result of Haemon`s visit?

What did Haemon do as Creon approached him and why?

. What did Haemon do as Creon approached him, and why? He spits on him and try’s to kill creon, Haemon was furious of what his fathers decisions had led to.

What does Haemon want his father King Creon?

After King Creon decides to put Antigone to death for her crime against the state, he is approached by his son Haemon, who is Antigone’s lover and fiance. Haemon pleads with his father to spare Antigone’s life.

What does Creon do to Haemon?

Creon also states that his son is like a slave to Antigone and mocks his son for not respecting his power. This causes Haemon to rush off, dejected, and later causes him to commit suicide. It is only after Creon is humbled, that he realizes the grave mistakes he has made.

What is the reason Haemon gives to his father Creon for why he should let Antigone go?

Summary and Analysis: <i>Antigone</i> Lines 701-878. Creon’s son, Haemon, reasons with his father to change his mind and free Antigone in order to avoid offending those citizens who side with her. Creon rejects his son’s advice fiercely and threatens to kill Antigone right in front of him.

How does Haemon persuade his father?

How does Haemon react when he hears the news of his father’s order? he tries to convince him to change his mind by giving him info to be more open minded. … according to haemon, the people of thebes do not support his father decision. he respects his father but not his decision.

What does Haemon urge his father do?

What does the Choragos urge Haimon and Creon to do? … Haemon means that he will kill himself if Creon kills Antigone. Creon thinks that Haemon means that he will kill Creon.

What does Haemon say to his father in Antigone?

When Creon questions him about his loyalties, Haemon replies that no woman is as important as his father and that he will obey Creon. Pleased, the king praises his son’s wisdom. Haemon reports that he has heard it said among the people that Antigone does not deserve such punishment for her noble-seeming deed.

What might Haemon mean what does Creon think he means?

will kill himself
What does Creon think he means? Haemon means that he will kill himself if Creon kills Antigone. Creon thinks that Haemon means that he will kill Creon.

What does Haemon threaten to do if Creon carries out his sentence?

He threatens to kill Antigone in front of Haemon’s eyes but instead locks her in a stone tomb with only enough food for 1 day and if the gods want they can save her.

When Haemon first approaches his father how does Creon react?

Terms in this set (32) How does Haemon approach his father? He immediately accepts his decision “you are my guide” (line 8) and “I obey you” (line 9) because he sees his father as wise (line 10). How does Creon view his son’s role?

What are Creon and Haemon arguing about what prejudices does Creon reveal and what do they tell you about Creon’s character?

What prejudices does Creon reveal? Creon reveals his rigidity and insecurity when he tells his son Haemon “the way to behave: subordinate / Everything else, my son, to your father’s will.” Creon demands blind obedience and filial devotion from his son simply because he is Haemon’s father.

What is the relationship between Creon and his son Haemon?

Creon has sentenced his son’s fiancé, Antigone, to death for disobeying his law. Haemon pleads with his father to reverse his sentence. When Creon refuses, Haemon takes his own life. While their relationship is not the main plot, it highlights the major theme of the play: conflict with authority.

What does Haemon think of his father and why does he think this?

According to Haemon, fear of his father is what keeps the townspeople silent in front of him, but privately they disagree with his decree. The very thing that Creon is trying to avoid, anarchy, is being bred by the discontent of the people over his decision to execute Antigone.

What does Haemon say about reason?

(Haimon) Lines 74 – 79: “Do not believe that you alone can be right. The man who thinks that, The man who maintains that only he has the power To reason correctly, the gift to speak, the soul – A man like that, when you know him, turns out empty. It is never reason to yield to reason!” (6 pts.)

What metaphors does Haemon use to convince his father to change his mind?

Haemon compares Creon to a tree that doesn’t bend and gets torn up for being stubborn, and he also uses a metaphor on sailing. In a nutshell, he saying that stubborness will only lead to him breaking at one point. What is hamartia?

How does Haemon appeal to his father’s self interest?

For example, how does he appeal to his father’s self-interest? He is respectful to his father. He uses reason in his arguments with his father. … Urges each man to listen to the other; Finds validity in both arguments.

What is the main argument that Haemon uses to persuade Creon to change his mind how does Creon respond?

Haemon is saying that if Creon kills Antigone he will commit suicide and follow her tragic demise. Creon thinks that Haemon is implying that if he kills Antigone Haemon will kill him, his father.

What view of authority does Haemon urge his father to take?

Haemon tactfully suggests that public opinion is against Creon, and hints that there could be a rebellion. He also cites the importance of being flexible, and asks Creon to change his mind (681-723). Father and son have an angry stichomythy, with Haemon urging the importance of public opinion and divine law.

What does Haemon say to convince Creon?

At first, Haemon flatters the absolutist king Creon by declaring his complete loyalty to him and by extension the state. … Haemon relates the intelligence that the people of Thebes think the punishment is too much for a pious deed. Creon sidesteps the argument reverting back to his unquestioned authority to rule.

What is the role of Haemon in Antigone?

Haemon. Antigone’s young fiancé and son to Creon. … Creon’s refusal ruins his exalted view of his father. He too refuses the happiness that Creon offers him and follows Antigone to a tragic demise.

Why does Haemon disagree with Creon?

In Antigone, Haemon argues with his father, Creon, over the harsh sentence he has meted out for Antigone’s blatant disregard of his decree. Haemon is engaged to Antigone, but he also loves his father, and he simply tries to speak some sense to Creon.

What is the conflict between Haemon and Creon?

Insulted by the idea that his citizens should tell him how to rule, Creon vigorously defends his absolute authority, and Haemon responds that Creon is stubborn and proud. Creon, enraged, reels off insults at his son, calling him disrespectful and the slave of a woman.

What does Haemon threaten to do as he rushes off stage?

Haemon means that he will kill himself if Creon kills Antigone. Creon thinks that Haemon means that he will kill Creon. How has Haemon’s tone/attitude toward Creon changed from the beginning to end of scene 3?

What does Haemon tell Creon he will do if Antigone dies?

Haemon warns his father that if Antigone dies… Another death will also occur. Creon believes that if he changes his min to satisfy his own son that the people of Thebes… Will think that he is too weak to even rule his own child.

Why is Creon intent on harshly punishing even family members all those who break the law?

Why is Creon intent on harshly punishing, even family members, all those who break the law? Creon believes that his people will not obey or have respect for him if he is lenient with family members.

Does haemon threaten his father as Creon thinks 842 )?

Why is Creon so suprised when the Sentry brings in Antigone? … Does Haemon threaten his father, as Creon thinks? yes, when he says that her death will destroy someone else he immediately takes that as a threat.

How does Haimon respond when his father asks him if he is upset?

He asks how does he feel and if he is angry. Haemon says he will support and obey his father and Creon says men pray for dutiful sons.

How does haemon initially feel about what Creon is doing?

What is Haemon’s initial response when his father ask how he feels about the king’s decision to execute Antigone? He says, “No marriage means more to me that your (Creon’s) continuing wisdom” (Scene 3 14).

What do Creon and haemon argue about in Scene 3?

In Scene 3, Haemon and Creon on arguing over the punishment of Antigone. Haemon says that it is too harsh because everyone in Thebes believes the punishment is wrong. Creon isn’t having it and says that the people do not rule Thebes, he does.

How is Creon as a father?

​Creon himself was married to a woman named Eurydice, and Creon would become father to a number of offspring; including Haemon, Henioche, Lycomedes, Megareus, Menoeceus and Pyrrha. The most famous child of Creon though, was a daughter named Megara, for Megara was the first wife of Heracles.

How does Creon view haemon?

Haemon initially shows his father respect and honor when he arrives to speak with him about Antigone’s fate. Creon believes that Haemon has come to show his support for his decision and assures his son that he will soon have another woman that he will grow to love.

What reason does she give for defying the king’s orders?

She went willingly. What reason does Antigone give for defying Creon’s decree? The gods’ laws mean more to her than Creon’s laws. Who else does Creon have arrested in connection with the crime of burying Polyneices?

What is Haimon’s initial response when his father asks how he feels about the king’s decision to execute Antigone *?

What is Haimon’s initial response when his father asks how he feels about the king’s decision to execute Antigone? He says, “I am your Son,”. This comes off as tho he is siding with Creon. What does Creon say that men pray for?


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