what does meander mean

What does the word meander?

meander mee-AN-der verb. 1 : to follow a winding or intricate course. 2 : to wander aimlessly or casually without urgent destination : ramble.

What is meander in simple words?

A meander is a curve in a river. Meanders form a snake-like pattern as the river flows across a fairly flat valley floor. The position of the curves changes over time. … This forms a river cliff. The river flows more slowly on the inside of the river beach.

What is an example of a meander?

Meander is defined as to take a winding course or wander aimlessly. An example of meander is to stroll around a library with no set purpose or direction in mind. To move aimlessly and idly without fixed direction. Vagabonds meandering through life.

What does meander mean sentence?

Definition of Meander. to move slowly without any real purpose. Examples of Meander in a sentence. 1. The confused old man will sometimes come into the store and meander for hours without making a purchase.

What is a wriggling?

1 : to move the body or a bodily part to and fro with short writhing motions like a worm : squirm. 2 : to move or advance by twisting and turning. 3 : to extricate or insinuate oneself or reach a goal as if by wriggling.

What is meant by meanders in social?

Meander is a curve or a bend formed by a river during its course. Rivers generally forms a snake like pattern when flowing across a valley floor. The position of the curves changes over time.

What is meander in science?

A meander is another name for a bend in a river. … A meander is when water flows in a curvy, bendy path, like a snake. As a river makes its way through an area that is relatively flat, it often develops bends as it erodes its way through the path of least resistance.

Does meandering mean fast or slow?

to move slowly without a particular direction or purpose in mind.

What’s the bends in a river called?

As a result, the meander erodes and migrates in the direction of the outside bend, forming the cut bank. As the cut bank is undermined by erosion, it commonly collapses as slumps into the river channel.

What are some famous meanders?

Horseshoe Bend is a famous meander on river Colorado near the town of Page in Arizona, USA.
  • Horseshoe bend, page, arizona, united states.
  • Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River.
  • Arizona Horseshoe Bend meander of Colorado River.
  • Grand Canyon Horseshoe Bend Panoramic.
  • Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend in Page Arizona.

What is the most famous meander in the world?

The Horseshoe Bend: A Visit to Colorado River’s Most Famous Meander.

Is Owens River a meandering river?

In this area at the edge of the Volcanic Tableland, the Owens River has cut its way into easily erodible deposits of volcanic ash. The river spread out across the floor of the valley to form this distinctive pattern of meandering bends and many older cut-off channels.

What is a good sentence for the word meander?

Sentences Mobile

Meader married the German-born Vera Heller in 1955. Through it all, Meader kept the pressure on. Meader’s first three marriages ended in divorce. Born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Meader moved to Kalamazoo in 1925.

How do you pronounce meanders?

How do you use meander in a sentence?

Meandered sentence example

We meandered into the cathedral, entering an inner sanctuary which our local guide assured us wasn’t usually open. The route Alex chose meandered through the gorge and then up a steep deer trail to the top of the mountain.

What does verminous mean?

Definition of verminous

1 : consisting of or being vermin : noxious. 2 : forming a breeding place for or infested by vermin : filthy verminous garbage. 3 : caused by vermin verminous disease.

What is the sentence of wriggled?

Wriggled sentence example

She wriggled back into her room, mind working quickly. As she did every day, she wriggled out onto it and crept the length of the ledge to the neighboring window. An instinct wriggled , one she didn’t want to acknowledge or deal with.

What is the definition for regaled?

transitive verb. 1 : to entertain sumptuously : feast with delicacies. 2 : to give pleasure or amusement to regaled us with tall tales. intransitive verb. : to feast oneself : feed.

What are meanders geography class 7?

Meanders: When the river enters the plain, it losses it swiftness and the valley widens due to the continuos erosion of banks of the river. The river makes several bends along its flow and these bends and loops are termed as meanders.

What is a meander Class 9?

a winding curve or bend of a river or road.” the river flows in sweeping meanders”

What is meander geography?

A meander is a bend in a river channel. Meanders form when water in the river erodes the banks on the outside of the channel. The water deposits sediment on the inside of the channel. Meanders only occur on flat land where the river is large and established.

What is meander nature pattern?

A meander pattern includes a series of regular sinuous curves, bends, loops, turns, or windings in the channel of a river, stream, or other watercourse. When a river shifts its channel within a valley or it swings from side to side as it flows across its floodplain it produces as meander pattern.

What is a meander scar quizlet?

Meander scars are portions of the channel that was abandoned when a meander was cutoff. The abandoned portion of the stream may be occupied with water to creating an oxbow lake. Flood Plain. Area adjacent to the stream, forms due to action of the stream. Levees.

Where are meanders found in India?

LUCKNOW: The main meandering rivers, viz. Ganga, Yamuna and Ghagra, originating in the Himalayas have been wrecking land masses and exacerbating the yearly menace of flood in the Indo-Gangetic Plain.

What happens to meanders over time?

Due to erosion on the outside of a bend and deposition on the inside, the shape of a meander will change over a period of time. … Deposition will occur to cut off the original meander, leaving a horseshoe-shaped oxbow lake.

What is Soloquizing?

1. the act or custom of talking to oneself or talking when alone. 2. Drama, a speech in which a character reveals his thoughts to the audience but not to other characters in the play. — soliloquist, n.

What does over overzealous mean?

Definition of overzealous

: too zealous : having or showing too much zeal : excessively eager, enthusiastic, or fervent overzealous parents overzealous workers … another version of the overzealous monitoring that has produced kids who leave for college without ever having crossed the street by themselves.—

Why do rivers zig zag?

Because slow-moving water can’t carry as much weight as fast-moving water, loose dirt and rocks build up on that side, making it more shallow. … The new curve causes the water running against the outside bank to pick up enough momentum that it slams into the opposite bank further down the river, creating another curve.

Which side of the river is deeper?

The river’s main current sweeps along the outside bends and disperses across the river’s midsection in the straightaway between bends. The river’s deepest water will be found on the outside bends, where the full force of the current scours deep holes.

What is the end of a river called?

The end of a river is its mouth, or delta. At a river’s delta, the land flattens out and the water loses speed, spreading into a fan shape. Usually this happens when the river meets an ocean, lake, or wetland.

Is Amazon River a meander?

The largest river in the world is full of bends and meanders, a result of the water course snaking back and forth across the landscape over time.

Does the Amazon River have any oxbow lakes?

Along the Amazon River in South America, oxbow lakes are common and their still waters provide a unique habitat for plants and wildlife. Giant river otters frequently live in the Amazons oxbow lakes, and feed on about 5 kilograms (11 pounds) of fish per day.

Where are meanders located in the world?

Where Can a Meander Be Found? Almost all rivers have sections that include meanders. A meander is more likely to occur in a slow moving, shallow river or stream on a floodplain.

Why are meanders important?

Those bends and turns manage the energy of water, as it moves through and over channel terrain, by increasing resistance and reducing channel gradient. The geometry of the meander minimizes the amount of work, or energy expended, while using that same energy uniformly.

What is MEANDER? What does MEANDER mean? MEANDER meaning, definition & explanation

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What does meander mean?

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