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What do you think of that L This is my perfect victory quote?

The deleted scene in which Light stays in the graveyard after L’s funeral, starts laughing madly, proceeds to crawl on top of L’s grave, and shouts “What do you think of that, L? This is my perfect victory! That’s right—I win!” with a crazed look on his face.

What episode does light go to L’s grave?

Silence (沈黙, Chinmoku) is the twenty-fifth episode in the Death Note anime series.

What’s the ending of Death Note?

While speaking to himself, the god of death reminds Light about the first promise he ever made to him — that he’d be the one to write Light’s name in the Death Note. It’s precisely what he does, and Light dies on a flight of stairs, 40 seconds later, from a heart attack.

Does light turn into a shinigami?

There is a popular theory that the unnamed Shinigami featured in the anime OVA, Death Note Relight 1, is the reincarnation of Light Yagami. However, since a similar-ish Shinigami appears in the manga while Light is still in school, this is debatable. The unnamed shinigami.

Who is smarter L or light?

L Lawliet is smarter than Light Yagami, in fact, he’s the smartest character in Death Note. L’s IQ may be lower than Light’s but his deduction skills, planning and eye for detail far surpass Kira’s.

What is L real name?

L Lawliet
His real name, L Lawliet, is only revealed in the guidebook Death Note 13: How to Read.

Why did L’s Funeral get deleted?

It wasn’t “deleted”, it was just something the anime studio invented specifically for the first Relight movie. It was never in the original story, so it’s not like it was something they left out.

Why does l rub his feet together?

In the Bible, Jesus washes the feet of sinners—explained as simply as possible, this is to show that he does not consider himself to be “above” or “greater” than them. L washing Light’s feet symbolizes that while L is “the good guy” and Light is evil, L still sees them as equals—both morally and intellectually.

Why did l give light a foot massage?

L gives Light a foot massage. It can be viewed in many different ways. One way is that L is acknowledging that Light is Kira, and is offering a kind of faux submissive act. Another is a symbolic reference to Jesus washing Judas’s feet.

What happens to L in Death Note?

After Ryuk kills Light, Ryuk offers L the Death Note. … Twenty-three days after writing his name in the Death Note, and after burning all the remaining Death Notes and having a conversation with Soichiro Yagami, L dies peacefully while eating a chocolate bar, with a picture of Watari lying right beside him.

Why did light See L when he died?

Light was seen dying halfway up a flight of stairs, which symbolized that he couldn’t go to heaven nor hell, also implying the motives of an afterlife. Sunshine shines down from behind the image of L, implying what could be the possible light of Heaven. It is also a mirroring of how Light saw L die.

Does light ever get caught?

Light has Near cornered. Near had made a plan to swap out Mikami’s notebook for a fake, but Light saw through that and, through a trademark Death Note convoluted plan, made it so Mikami actually had the real notebook hidden. He’s won.

Did Ryuk care about light?

As stated earlier, Ryuk is only following Light around for entertainment value. His little trip to Earth is basically a getaway from the boredom of the Shinigami world and a way to get a vacation from his Death God job for a while. This leads to the truth of the matter. Ryuk really doesn’t care about Light.

How are Shinigami born?

The Shinigamis become how they are because they commited suicide and as punishment they have to collect souls. If a shinigami fully remembers his or her past life before becoming a full shinigami, he or she disappears and becomes a ghost. They become full shinigamis by collecting their first soul.

Why did Ryuk write Lights name?

At the end, he saw that Light had lost and was doomed to go to prison, and Ryuk didn’t have the patience to wait for Light to pass, so he wrote his name in the notebook to just get it over with.

How can I be smart like L?

What is L’s birthday?

L (Death Note)
BirthdayOctober 31, 1979

Who has the highest IQ in anime?

Aoi Todo (IQ 530000)

Don’t be surprised, but Aoi Todo is indeed the smartest anime character of all time. And he is way ahead of his opponents by an unbelievable IQ of 530,000.

Why do people call ryuzaki?

12 The Origin Of L’s Nickname

When L introduces himself to the NPA, he urges them to call him Ryuzaki to further hide his identity. … The name Ryuzaki actually came from another child from Wammy’s House, the orphanage that raises genius children and L’s successors, Near and Mello.

Is L’s name L?

According to both the Death Note Character list on Wikipedia and the L character page on the Death Note Wikia, his full name is L Lawliet. He does have several aliases that sound more like real names but L seems to be his actual name.

Is l really dead?

Originally Answered: Is “L” really dead in the Death Note comics or will he return? Yes, L is dead and he will not return. N (Near) becomes L’s successor and attempts to catch Kira.

Is L smarter than near?

Technically, L is smarter than Near and Mello. At the very end Near stated that L was his superior and mentor to both him and Mello. And that it took both Near and Mello to work together to bring Light down otherwise Light would have won.

Is Death Note censored?

Death Note was one of 38 Japanese comics banned by Chinese censors. Despite the ban, the comic has consistently trended on Sina Weibo – China’s microblogging site.

Did L know Light was Kira?

8 L Knew Light Was Kira And Lied

Throughout the anime, L’s suspicion of Light wavers from episode to episode. Generally, though, he says there’s about a 5% chance that Light is Kira. Despite those low odds he gives his comrades, he still refuses to give up on Light as a suspect.

Are light and L friends?

Light does consider L as a friend whereas Kira sees L as his enemy. Although many fans think Light acted a lot, I think there were plenty of moments where Light and Kira were in conflict inside Light.

How old is near at the end of Death Note?

According to the manga, Near was born in 1991, while the anime is set a few years later making Near’s birth 1994. This would mean that at the conclusion of part one, when L is defeated by Kira, Near is 13 years old.

Is Death Note religious?

Death Note is full of symbolism; from the Catholic Christian overtones (apples, Divine Rule, and the Shinigami Realm) to literary masterpieces (Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and Sherlock Holmes), Death Note has become one of the few anime to have extremely deep roots in both Western and Japanese cultures.

Why does L only eat sweets?

In chapter 38 of the manga, L suggests that even though he eats only sweet foods, he remains underweight because the brain uses the most calories of any organ in the body. … Obata added that because of this, L is not “real” to him and therefore he likes that aspect of L.

What did L mean by the Bell?

During his last moments, L’s last words to Light were as follows and here is what it all meant: “I hear the bell.” – the bell (a funeral bell) is the impending sense of death that only L can feel, Light can’t hear a thing because he’s going to be fine.

Is light taller than L?

turns out Light and L are the same height. at least they are not short, but they are still average ‘w’ I made L to straighten up his back for the shot XDD but his knees are still making him 1 cm shorter then Light, so L is 178 cm in here.

What happens to RYUK after light dies?

Relight anime films

Sometime after Light’s death and Ryuk’s return to the Shinigami Realm, Ryuk becomes popular among other Shinigami due to his time spent in the Human World with Light. Eventually, Ryuk’s story catches the attention of an unnamed Shinigami, who visits Ryuk to hear it.

Why does l reveal himself to light?

L knew that Kira could murder his victims using only their name and their face. So when he chose to reveal himself to Light in order to investigate, L used a pseudonym. The fake name he used was Hideki Ryuga, which was the name of a popular singer. In this subtle yet brilliant manner, L was able to shore up his safety.

Does light feel bad for killing L?

Light really didn’t feel like he had any obstacles once L was killed. L was several times pointed out as being the only child who could actually stop Kira. Near and Mello, despite the way the manga tries to project them as elites, just don’t feel like they could actually take down Light with how smart he was.

Who is the new Kira?

The miniseries Death Note: New Generation and the film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World introduce new characters who act as Kira. After Light’s death, Ryuk brings a Death Note to Light’s son Hikari Yagami, who begins acting as the new Kira with the help of his guardian Teru Mikami.

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