All of Warframe weapon types you should know? Guide for beginners

The warframe weapon types is a form of 3D online shooter video game.

In the past, most players have been frustrated with the warframe weapon types because they’re unable to get good weapons and gear in-game. 

With this guide, you’ll learn all the warframe weapon types, how to use them for each scenario and occasion. 

What are warframe weapons?

What are warframe weapons?
What are warframe weapons?

Warframe weapons are simply the tools used to dispense justice (and carnage) upon your enemies. Warframe weapons have three main types including Primary Weapons, secondary weapons, and melee weapons. Each weapon has its own unique properties, which can be compared in their respective articles.

Comparing weapons is relatively straightforward; each weapon has four base stats which are increased with mods. These are the Damage, the Accuracy/Stability, the Fire Rate/Channeling Cost and finally the Reload Speed. The first three are represented by a bar plot, while the last is a simple numerical value on each weapon.

Tools of justice come in many shapes and sizes. There are all sorts of projectile weapons in Warframe, from bows and crossbows to shotguns and rifles. Each of these uses an assortment of different elemental damage in order to give that little extra kick to your enemies.

Primary Weapons

Primary Weapons are weapons that can be found in warframe. These primary weapons have 3, 4 or 5 firing modes which the player can switch between as they please during battle. These weapons can be separated into 3 different categories: Bows, Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles.

Primary Weapons- warframe weapon types
Primary Weapons- warframe weapon types


Bows are a class of weapons in warframe that use arrows as their source of ammunition. The PowerShot arrow ability increases damage done, while the rate of fire is increased for a short period after an arrow is shot. Celestial arrow fires a single, slow-moving arrow that deals enormous damage.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are a class of primary weapons which focus on delivering high rates of damage. They have good status potential and tend to affect a wide area of targets. They also function well in nearly any mission type, but cannot put down sustained fire for long. They are the most versatile primary weapon.

Sniper Rifles

A sniper rifle is a primary weapon that can fire single, high-damage shots over long ranges. Sniper rifles are capable of inflicting critical hits and status effects but have a fairly low ammo capacity and rate of fire.

Secondary Weapons

Warframe Secondary Weapons are guns that a Warframe can equip. These guns are used for special abilities and the equipment of your Warframe. Warframe can acquire additional weapons as they level up and complete missions.

Secondary weapons are only different by their weapon types, such as rifles and shotguns. They can be purchased from the market or players who have created them during their game.

Secondary Weapons- warframe weapon types
Secondary Weapons- warframe weapon types

Single Held Secondaries

Single Held Secondaries are Secondary Weapons that are only equipped in the off-hand, which is located on the lower left side of their warframe. This weapon does not require ammunition, instead, it uses up energy from the warframe’s energy pool.

Single Held Secondaries are consist of Semi-Automatic, Automatic, Burst Fire, Charge, Burst/Charge.

Single Held Secondaries can be equipped with polarities, allowing the player to customize the weapon.

The damage of Single Held Secondaries can be increased with higher ranks in certain Warframe abilities. 

Dual Held Secondaries

Dual Secondaries, Dualies for short, are secondary weapons that can be dual-wielded. They come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them are designed to be effective in melee combat. They are divided into 3 different categories: Semi-Automatic, Automatic, Charge

Some can shoot projectiles or beams that deal high amounts of damage at close range, while others are used as flamethrowers or shotguns. Dualies also come with different combinations of the four types of damage; Puncture, Slash, Impact, and Corrosive.

Almost all Secondaries can be dual-wielded to increase their effective range

Shotgun Secondaries

Shotgun Secondaries are Warframes that possess Shotguns as their secondaries. They have two types including Semi-Automatic, Automatic shortguns.

 Shotguns generally have high damage per pellet, but usually have limited range and reduced magazine size. This makes them incredibly useful in close to mid-range combat, but not very effective at longer ranges. 

Shotguns are especially good when used with Warframe abilities that can stagger, knockdown, or stun enemies because the burst of damage it provides during those times can allow for fast kills.

Dual Shotgun Secondaries

The Dual Shotgun Secondaries are some of the most unique weapons in Warframe, not just for their secondary status. Their distinctive two-barrel design with a long recoil animation is quite unique compared to the other secondary weapons. Due to its high burst damage, it’s one of the most spammed secondary weapons in Warframe by many players. It also works well with any Warframe, although it’s particularly favored by tanky Warframes to compensate for their lower mobility.

There are currently two different types of dual shotguns in the game, such as Semi-Automatic, Automatic with each one having its own unique twists for their weapons.

Shotgun-Pellet Secondaries

Shotguns are one of the few classes of secondary weapons which deal area-of-effect damage, and as such can take out large groups of enemies quickly. Shotguns are similar to the Primary Weapon of the same type but deal less damage with each individual pellet, even when focused on one target. They are mostly used in close combat when the enemy is too dangerous to engage at melee range, or for applying status effects on targets.


Thrown weapons are secondary weapons that are thrown at enemies. Many of the thrown weapons have significant travel time, so they are best used against slow or stationary targets. Each weapon type has a unique throwing animation.

Beam Secondaries 

Beam Secondaries are a category of Secondary Weapons that share some common traits. All Beam Secondaries deal pure elemental damage type(s) instead of physical damage types and most of them can be charged up for greater effectiveness. A few exceptions exist, such as the Quanta series.

Melee Weapons

Warframe melee weapons are close-combat weapons that provide a secondary functionality, usually dealing Slash damage. All warframe melee weapons deal physical damage and can be divided into several categories:

Melee Weapons- warframe weapon types
Melee Weapons- warframe weapon types


Stances determine the type of attacks a melee weapon will use.


Polearms are large melee weapons, usually two-handed. They have a longer range and deal mostly Impact damage, but must be used from behind a foe to be effective.


Swords are versatile weapons, that can deal Slash and Puncture damage by default but can also deal Impact damage at the cost of reduced range.


Daggers are focused on puncturing multiple foes quickly and can deal high amounts of Puncture damage.

Fist Weapons

Fist Weapons are focused on pure melee damage and usually deal Slash damage. Their range is smaller than normal, as such these weapons tend to be used more in close-quarters. Fist Weapons can also deal Impact damage but at the expense of reduced range.


Hammers are all-around melee weapons with increased damage at the cost of reduced attack speed. Hammers have long-range and deal mostly Impact damage, but must be used from behind a foe to be effective.

Jat Kittag

Jat Kittag is an explosive weapon that deals with Puncture damage, but can also deal very high amounts of Blast damage if the projectile hits a surface instead of an enemy.


Tonbo deals with Puncture damage in a wide arc in front of the player. They have the longest range of any melee weapon but must be used from behind a foe to be effective. Tonbo can also deal Impact damage but at the expense of reduced range.


Claws deal high amounts of Slash damage but must be used from behind a foe to be effective.


Whips deal high amounts of Slash damage and can hit multiple foes in a row.


War fans deal Puncture damage and have the widest range of any melee weapon.

There are still a variety of melee weapons such as Gunblades, Hybrid Weapons, Heavy Blades, Sparring Weapons, Glaives, Rapiers, Scythes…..

You’ll discover more of the functionality of those weapons as you progress through the game, and you’ll be able to purchase them later based on your combat needs.


How many different weapons are in Warframe?

Warframes use three different types of weapons: primary, secondary, and melee. In each of the types, there have different hundred weapons. Depending on your personal demand, you can purchase and equip for your power by hunting, fighting, and getting prizes in the game. 

What is the strongest weapon in Warframe?

This is a tough question to answer, that depends on what exactly you mean by ‘strongest’. But I will try to answer the question. The “best” weapon depends on a player’s style of play, what they hope to accomplish with that rifle or shotgun, as well as their Mastery Rank and available resources.

That said, we can make a few good assumptions: players will favor the weapon classes which suit their style or fit a weapon’s unique strengths.

What are some of the best weapons in Warframe?

Different people will have different answers to this question. However, some weapons stick out above the rest no matter what your playstyle is. Here are some of the best weapons in Warframe currently, that almost everyone would agree with:

Primary: Soma Prime, Acceltra, Bubonico, Kuva Zarr, Trumna, Ignis Wraith, Cedo, Kuva Bramma

Secondary: Kuva Nukor, Kuva Brakk,  Tenet Cycron, Epitaph, Athodai, Aksomati Prime, Tenet Detron, Pyrana Prime…

Melee: Kronen Prime, Glaive Prime, Nikana Prime, Gram Prime Stropha, Redeemer Prime, Lesion …


We hope this blog post has helped you get a better understanding of the different warframe weapon types. If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we would be happy to answer them!

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