Stardew Valley Best Greenhouse Crop, Best Crop To Plant In Greenhouse

So I'm in year 2 spring and am pretty close to getting the greenhouse bundle (should get it in the summer). I wanted to know what are some of best crops to plant in there. I have heard that ancient fruit is a good one, but getting the seeds for that is a bit time consuming. I've also heard that blueberries and cranberries are good ones too. So I wanted to know from the this sub what are some of your better crops to plant in the greenhouse.

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In a pure min/max sense, pomegranate/peach trees, hops, and fill leftover space with ancient fruit.

Again, this is purely powergaming and if you actually implement it (like I did in one save) it requires a ton of kegs (~3 barns) and attention every day. I'm also assuming you have the Artisan profession.

So, here's how it goes. Fruit trees produce every day. Pomegranates and peaches sell highest, so pick your favorite. Harvest every day and stick it in a keg. Once you get in a rhythm, you'll be getting 7 bottles of wine every week (per tree). Base quality peach wine sells for 588g, so 588*7= 4116g per week.

Compare to an ancient fruit. One harvest per week, one bottle of wine, base sale price 2310g.

You can fit 30 trees in the greenhouse, so we've got some room left. Also, that maths out to 123,480g per week in peach wine.

Next up, hops. Hops also produce every day, and thus can pop out 7 Pale Ale per week. A Pale Ale sells for 420g, so that brings weekly output to 420*7= 2940g. Again, ancient wine is 2310g.

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Hops, however, are a trellis crop, so you can't cover your greenhouse in these either. What you can do, is fit 76 of them in the greenhouse with the proper layout. All said, that's 223,440g/week in pale ale.

As for the rest of the space… fill it with ancient fruit! There have been a couple of comparisons between starfruit and ancient fruit, and ancient comes out ahead in the long run, it just takes ~2 seasons before it overtakes the lead in profitability.

There's 28 unused tiles in the greenhouse, so if we fill those with ancient fruit and keg it all, we get 64,680g/week in ancient fruit wine.

Grand total, 123,480 + 223,440 + 64,680 = 411,600g /week from the greenhouse.

For comparison, there are 120 squares of dirt in the greenhouse. If you filled them all with ancient fruit turned in to wine, you'd be making 120*2310 = 277,200g /week.

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On the flip side, you'd only have to tend your greenhouse once a week. You'd also only need 120 kegs. With the peach/hops strategy, you need almost 400 kegs. A deluxe barn can only fit 135.

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