Matlab Best Fit Line – Slope Equation For Plot Of Best Fit Line

So in Pressure Experiments.mat, there is (6,32) data set. I need the whole 5th row and the 6th row of this data.So I made a scatter plot of this data with :

If you want statistics on the fit, and you have the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox, use the regress or fitlm functions.


I got one more question, how would i find the value of the number of hyrdrocarbons ecaping when the petrol pressure is ten? So How do i find B when A = 10 using the best fit line?

The easiest way (assuming that the relation holds beyond the region-of-fit, not always a reliable assumption):
In general, it is not advisable to extrapolate that far beyond the region of it, unless (on the basis of other knowledge) you can be reasonably certain that the linear (or any other) relaionship is generally valid. With a mathematical model of this relationship, it would be possible to use linear or nonlinear parameter estimation techniques to devise a relation that would ber more generally applicable.
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