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Manjul Khattar is an Indian social media influencer best known for his lip sync videos and comedy videos on the video-sharing platform TikTok. Manjul joined TikTok back when it was and quickly grew to be one of India’s most-followed influencers.

Manjul Khattar was born on July 20, 1998 in Gurugram, India to father Om and mother Sneh. Majul has two siblings: a brother named Abhineet and a sister named Ruchika. 

He attended Xion International Convent School in Gurugram, India. He later attended Amity University, where he studied communications. Otherwise, not much is known about Majul’s upbringing or his family life growing up. He keeps the information personal and private. 

As of September 2022, Manjul Khattar has more than 2.2 million Instagram followers, 482,000 Youtube subscribers, and 13.9 million TikTok followers. 

Manjul joined TikTok when it was first known as and posted videos to the video-sharing platform. He has since become known for his lip sync videos as well as his comedic videos and lifestyle videos. Since joining TikTok, Manjul has become one of the most-followed creators on TikTok and one of the most-followed Indian creators on the platform. 

However, Manjul first started posting to social media when he opened up his Instagram account. Manjul started his Instagram account in 2016 and began posting content to his page. He now posts personal photos, including photos with his girlfriend, lifestyle videos and more. 

In 2017, Manjul started his YouTube channel. By the time people found him on TikTok, he already had several thousand followers on YouTube. On his YouTube page, he posts live streams of himself video gaming.

In 2018, Manjul appeared in the Hindi music video “Shy Mora Saiyaan” featuring Monali Thakur and Piyush Mehroliyaa. In 2019, the following year, Manjul appeared on the popular dance show ‘Mach Baliye 9” with his girlfriend at the time, Aashika Bhati.

Manjul has appeared in a number of other traditional media outlets. He has worked on the TV serials “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi” and “Parvarish.”

In addition, the star has appeared in a number of commercials on Indian TV since becoming popular on TikTok. He has appeared on local commercials for Myntra, One Plus and Life Stores. 

In the past, Manjul has been tied to several women when it comes to romantic relationships. He dated Aashika Bhati and was rumored to be dating Ritika Badiani, though the two have said they were just close work friends and nothing more.

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