how many chromosomes does a pig have


How Many Chromosomes Does A Pig Have?

38 chromosomes

What animals have 46 chromosomes?

List of organisms by chromosome count
Organism (Scientific name)Chromosome number
Arabian coffee (Coffea arabica)44
Reeves’s muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi)46
Human (Homo sapiens)46
Nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus)46

What animal has 60 chromosomes?

If a bison has 60 chromosomes in a diploid cell, the same number of chromosomes, i.e., 60 chromosomes would be found in the bison’s skin cells because…

How many chromosomes are in a chicken?

The chicken karyotype comprises 39 chromosome pairs as follows: 10 pairs of large autosomes (chromosomes 1-10), 28 pairs of microchromosomes (chromosomes 11-38), and a pair of sex chromosomes (chromosomes W and Z).

How many chromosomes do spiders have?

Diploid chromosome numbers of spiders range from 7 (Suzuki 1954) to 128 (Král et al. 2013). Entelegynae araneomorphs exhibit lower diploid numbers and mostly monoarmed chromosomes when compared with the predominantly high chromosome numbers and biarmed chromosomes of mygalomorphs (Kořínková and Král 2013).

Can you have 48 chromosomes?

Males with XXYY syndrome have 48 chromosomes instead of the typical 46. This is why XXYY syndrome is sometimes written as 48,XXYY syndrome or 48,XXYY. It affects an estimated one in every 18,000–40,000 male births.

Which animal has 23 pairs of chromosomes?

Potatoes and Chimpanzees, for example, both have 24 pairs of chromosomes. Humans are not the only animal with 23 pairs, either–the Chinese subspecies of Muntiacusmuntjac, a small kind of deer, also has 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Which animal has highest number of chromosomes?

The mitotic and meiotic chromosomes of the semiaquatic rodent Ichthyomys pittieri (Rodentia, Cricetinae) from Venezuela were analyzed by means of conventional staining and several banding techniques. The diploid chromosome number of this rare species is 2n = 92, which is the highest value known for mammals.

How many chromosomes do elephants have?

Answer 1:
Organism# of chromosomes
Woolly Mammoth58

How many chromosomes do giraffes have?

The giraffe genome comprises 15 pairs of chromosomes (2n = 30) that are believed to have originated by multiple Robertsonian fusions from the pecoran ancestral karyotype (2n = 58) [7, 8].

How many chromosomes does a tiger have?

Panthera tigris has 38 chromosomes. The karyotype has 16 pairs of metacentric and submetacentric autosomes and two pairs of acrocentric autosomes.

How many chromosomes does a duck have?

80 chromosomes
– Photomicrograph of a metaphase plate of the female domestic duck (Anas platy- rhyncha domestica), with 80 chromosomes.

How many chromosomes do bananas have?

Banana varieties that are hybrids with AAB and ABB genome constitutions are a staple food for a billion people in Asia and Africa and have 2n=3x=33 chromosomes (Figure 1).

How many chromosomes does a mosquito have?

Mosquitos from the family Culicidae have a diploid number of 2n = 6. This means these mosquitoes have three pairs of chromosomes, or six chromosomes total when the sister chromosomes are counted individually.

How many chromosomes does a lion have?

A short description of the chromosome analysis of the lion, Panthera leo, is given. The chromosome number was found to be 38. The chromosomes can be divided into six groups, which consist of submetacentric, metacentric and acrocentric chromosomes.

How many chromosomes does a horse have?

The chromosome number of the domestic horse is 2n = 64; different races have the same complement.

Can a human have 50 chromosomes?

ALL patients with a hyperdiploid karyotype of more than 50 chromosomes (high hyperdiploidy) carry a better prognosis in contrast to patients presenting with other cytogenetic features, and an appropriate less intensive therapy protocol should be developed for these patients.

Can a person live without chromosomes?

Yes, but there are usually associated health problems. The only case where a missing chromosome is tolerated is when an X or a Y chromosome is missing. This condition, called Turner syndrome or XO, affects about 1 out of every 2,500 females.

What is an XY female?

In the XY sex-determination system, the female-provided ovum contributes an X chromosome and the male-provided sperm contributes either an X chromosome or a Y chromosome, resulting in female (XX) or male (XY) offspring, respectively. Hormone levels in the male parent affect the sex ratio of sperm in humans.

Can humans breed with any other animals?

Probably not. Ethical considerations preclude definitive research on the subject, but it’s safe to say that human DNA has become so different from that of other animals that interbreeding would likely be impossible. … In general, two types of changes prevent animals from interbreeding.

Are humans the only ones with 46 chromosomes?

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46 chromosomes. In fact, each species of plants and animals has a set number of chromosomes.

What animal has 19 pairs of chromosomes?

Lion and tiger have nineteen pairs of chromosomes (38 chromosomes).

Which animal has lowest number of chromosomes?

To date, the organism with the least number of chromosomes is the male Australian ant, Myrmecia pilosula, with one chromosome per cell (male ants are generally haploid—that is, they have half the number of normal chromosomes while the female ant has two chromosomes per cell).

What animal has the strongest bite force?

The Hippopotamus has the strongest bite of all land animals at about 1820 PSI. American Alligators have a bite force of about 2125 PSI.

What happens when you have 47 chromosomes?

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. A trisomy is a chromosomal condition characterised by an additional chromosome. A person with a trisomy has 47 chromosomes instead of 46. Down syndrome, Edward syndrome and Patau syndrome are the most common forms of trisomy.

How many chromosomes do kangaroos have?

The red kangaroo has a diploid chromosome number of 20 (2n = 18+XY, 2n = 18 + XX). All chromosomes are morphologically distinguishable except chromosomes 8 and 9, which can be differentiated by G-banding (Rofe 1979).

How many chromosomes do butterflies have?

Somebody wrote a book called “DNA and Heredity” that says butterflies have 380 chromosomes. 4. I found the best article yet in Nature magazine, which is a very famous science magazine. It says that there’s one group of butterflies where the numbers of chromosomes in different species vary from 20 to 268.

How many chromosomes do onions have?

Common onion (Allium cepa L.) has eight pairs of relatively large chromosomes (2n = 16) that allows for the easy detection of CAs.

How many chromosomes does a mouse have?

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, while rats have 21 and mice have 20.

How many chromosomes does a hamster have?

Genetics. Golden hamsters have a diploid chromosome number of 44.

How many chromosomes do strawberries have?

The strawberry of commerce is octoploid (2n = 8× = 56; seven chromosome sets and eight chromosomes per set, 56 total), meaning that each cell contains remnants of four separate ancestral diploid subgenomes that underlie strawberry’s form and function.

How many chromosomes does a donkey have?

Mules and hinnies have 63 chromosomes, a mixture of the horse’s 64 and the donkey’s 62. The different structure and number usually prevents the chromosomes from pairing up properly and creating successful embryos, rendering most mules infertile.

Why can’t ligers reproduce?

In short, hybrid animals are infertile because they don’t have viable sex cells, meaning they can’t produce sperm or eggs. This is the case because the chromosomes from their different species parents don’t match up.

How many chromosomes are in a pineapple?

Shown are the 25 pineapple chromosomes organized into the pairs of paired chromosomes that arose after two WGD events. Each color represents one of the seven ancestral chromosomes.


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