crayola giant construction paper 240 sheets, 96 sheets

Crayola construction paper is a staple in most classrooms. It is used for arts and crafts, to practice writing skills, and more. Crayola has many different colors of construction paper so you can find the right one for your project. You can also buy packs with various sheets of colors which are great if you have multiple projects going on at once!
What color should I use? That’s up to you! Crayola makes it easy because they have all sorts of colors that will match any mood or theme. For example, they have blues that are perfect for cool summer nights or yellows that are just right for springtime sunshine! The possibilities really are endless when it comes to what color crayola construction paper to use

Crayola construction paper is a staple in any school supply list. It’s one of the few items that can be used for art, crafts, and other projects. The paper has many different colors to choose from, which gives kids the opportunity to express themselves creatively!
Crayola Construction Paper is perfect for you or your child’s next project because it helps them unleash their creativity with whichever color they want!


What is construction paper used for?

Construction paper, also known as cardstock or craft paper, is often used in classrooms for art projects. It can be purchased in a variety of colors and patterns. Construction paper is made from wood pulp and cotton fibers, which are bleached white with chlorine to make the finished product. Includes 240 sheets of crayola construction paper and 96 sheets of crayola construction paper.

Construction paper comes in two different types of finishes: matte and glossy. Matte construction paper has less sheen than glossy finish but is more durable. Glossy finishing results in a more vivid color appearance of the sheet, but it tears easier when folded back on itself multiple times . You will need to experiment with both types of finishing to see which one you prefer depending on your intended use for the construction paper. The weight of the paper varies by manufacturer, but typically ranges from 40 pound up to 110 pounds. The heavier the weight of the cardstock, the more durable it will be for all types of uses.

It is also possible to get construction paper in a variety of textures, such as smooth or hand finish. Hand finish gives an irregular texture that makes this type of construction paper ideal for painting projects where you want to give some additional texture to your creation. You can even get special designs printed on construction paper with patterns like polka dots and stripes. Construction paper is often available in different sizes, so you can buy what will work best for your particular project.

Construction Paper Uses

Wood pulp and cotton fibers are bleached white with chlorine then cut into shapes depending on where it is being used. Construction paper is often sold in packs or individual sheets, and can be found in any color imaginable. Glossy finishing results in a more vivid color appearance of the sheet, but it tears easier when folded back on itself many times.

Construction Paper Uses: Artistic Projects

Construction paper is regularly used to create posters for education or advertising purposes because it comes at an inexpensive price point to help keep costs down. It has the ability to hold the attention of students to aid them better understand what’s being taught without getting too involved into higher levels of learning that may complicate things further. It also works well with 3D artistic projects like card making and scrapbooking because construction paper does not stick out like other kinds of cardstock.


Construction Paper Uses: Presentations

Construction paper can be used in presentations to give more life to your ideas by adding some color and pattern to the front page of your presentation. It does not require special software, so students can access it anywhere, anytime on their personal computers or laptops. You can even print out multiple copies at once on any number of sheets of construction paper without worrying about wasting ink because you can always reuse it for another project later down the road if necessary. Cutting up pieces of construction paper is also an excellent way for younger kids (or kids with disabilities) to participate in classroom projects where they otherwise may struggle due to fine motor issues like spasticity, tremors, or poor coordination. This type of craft paper is also ideal for older kids who want to do 3D crafts because it doesn’t tear or rip like other kinds of cardstock.

Construction Paper Uses: Crafts and Scrapbooks

Glue sticks, tape, and paste can be used on construction paper without the concern of bleeding through the material. It works with different types of crafting mediums from pens to markers. Making a collage out of construction paper is a great way to teach young children how to build on their ideas by taking one idea and adding onto it. They get more practice in this area by working with colors outside what they might normally play with at home, which also helps them learn more about sensory development while having fun coloring in pictures online . Construction paper is also ideal for scrapbooking because it comes in various shapes and sizes, which makes it easy to cut out without the need of special tools like an Xacto knife or scissors.

Construction Paper Uses: Writing Projects

Markers, crayons, colored pencils, and other types of pens can be used on construction paper to create drawings, writings , or artwork that stand out. When working with markers on this kind of paper you may want to use a stencil like a mason jar lid underneath your sheet so that the marker color doesn’t bleed through when coloring something in. This also helps keep your desk from getting all sorts of ink stains from different markers crossing over onto each other when they’re not supposed to touch one another. Construction paper can also be used for word searches or crossword puzzles because the way it’s cut makes it easy to fold over onto itself without tearing off in random chunks.

Construction Paper Uses: Wrapping Paper

Wrapping up gifts with construction paper is not only environmentally friendly , but very cost effective as well. No need to worry about having enough time to try and find exactly what you are looking for at a local department store when you have something readily available that works just as well, if not better. If you don’t want your gift to look like its made out of recycled materials, simply cover up all the scratched up areas with some colorful ribbon or string before handing it over . This will make anyone receiving their gift feel special because you took the time to personalize it for them so that they know you care about making it a memorable experience.

Construction Paper Uses: Scratch Art

Scratch art is an interesting activity for young kids because all you need to do is take a coin and scratch away at the raised parts of the paper underneath where your drawing is located, revealing a beautiful picture or shape that appears as if it’s been painted on the construction paper ‘s surface with watercolors . This type of art activity can be done by anyone from toddlers up to adults from different countries without having to worry about understanding one another just as long as you have enough transparency sheets nearby . Additional materials like crayons and markers can also be placed on top of these transparent papers and worked on like one giant scratch art project.

Construction Paper Uses: Halloween and Christmas Projects

Scary titles, decorations, and signs can be made for Halloween by gluing black construction paper together to create a spooky spider web banner you can hang up in your front yard or around the inside of your house to keep the spirits away . It’s as easy as 1-2-3 as it doesn’t require any fancy sewing skills. Construction paper lets people know exactly what kind of party they’re coming to because decoration themes are written out boldly on colorful sheets that can be hung up around doorways . You can also use them to make ornate wreaths and other festive projects for the upcoming holiday season so that everyone knows where and when to celebrate .

Construction Paper Uses: Scenic Art Projects

A field trip is not complete without a small project for those with restless hands. Making scenic art is a great way to pass the time on the bus ride home as you’ll find yourself becoming more and more relaxed as you piece together all of your notes from that day into a lovely collage that represents what you saw. It’s also an excellent study tool if you’re going back through your field guide to make sure there’s nothing else you need to make note of for next time.

Construction Paper Uses: Origami

Origami, or paper folding, is a Japanese tradition that can be carried out using any type of paper but construction paper provides just enough thickness so that it can hold its shape while remaining lightweight. Chances are you may have seen some origami in the past, but if not then it’s probably because you’ve never heard of this type of art form before . This is why construction paper allows for beginners to get their feet wet with all sorts of different designs that turn into 3D objects when finished.


Construction Paper Uses: Art Smocks

Scraping paint across a sheet of paper will stain your clothes every time so artists often wear smocks over top their outfits to protect them from rogue colors, preventing accidental staining where it isn’t supposed to occur by accident , usually on the elbows or knees . At least 90% of construction paper ‘s use is for arts and crafts so there’s a greater chance of getting some dirty than any other type of paper by far .

Construction Paper Uses: Art Lessons and Art History Homework Projects

Teachers and professors often use construction paper to keep students occupied while waiting for class to start or when they’re giving lectures, especially if it’s about something that has nothing to do with the subject at hand so it would be better used as a distraction tool rather than an actual learning experience . If you have homework on this topic then cutting out shapes is the best way to represent what you need in order to get high marks without making mistakes or breaking your personal rules about cheating because chances are there won’t be a pop quiz anyway.

Construction Paper Uses: Book Covers and Book Report Presentations

Since construction paper is so thick and easy to cut, it’s a good way to make a book cover for any new books you buy as it ensures they won’t get worn down by the elements over time. This also makes them the best choice for literary presentations on Book Report Night because children can be very careless with their things and often break books unintentionally just from being kids . Just think how much more carefree your high school days would have been if you didn’t have to worry about moving or bumping into something whenever you reached for your binder.

Construction Paper Uses: Crafts Kits

It may seem wasteful using large sheets of construction paper in case someone messes up on one of these projects but there are usually enough scraps leftover from the ones that were cut out to accommodate the size of a standard sheet . That means there will be plenty of scraps left over just in case something goes wrong but it’s almost impossible to do so unless you’re purposely trying to sabotage your work.

Construction Paper Uses: Craft Scraps

There are times when crafts don’t go according to plan and things end up looking different from how they should have, which is why construction paper was made cheap enough for anyone to use since not all projects can make it past the drawing board with their original intent  intact  and still turn out great. In fact, some craft projects may require  several attempts before getting them right if you need more pieces from the same paper sheets that were previously cut out.

Construction Paper Uses: Crafts and Decorations That Need Extra Texture

If you’re going to use construction paper as a surface of something then it’s best to use it on the outside of whatever project you’re working on because of how thick it is, which can also change its texture. This allows for more control over what kind of design patterns the finished product will have on it since some crafts only require a piece here and there whereas others may need several sheets in order to be completed successfully.

Construction Paper Uses: Cutouts and Scraps

Cutting shapes from a large sheet means that you’ll have scraps left over no matter how many times you try this so don’t expect your first attempt at making a paper snowflake to look as good as one you found online. Some scraps may end up being wrinkled or creased from the factory because of how it was made which makes them better for crafts that require a textured surface since that won’t matter as much in those types of projects .

Construction Paper Uses: Decorative Floral Arrangements

You can make an arrangement out of construction paper flowers by using a pair of scissors and cutting several lines into each petal , which will also create more texture on them so they’ll be easier to glue down onto a flat surface . Just remember, there’s no way to take back any mistakes you make once the papers have been glued together so use only shapes that would look good upright or at an angle if you don’t want it to look sloppy.

Construction Paper Uses: Decorative Flowers For Parties

When the big day finally arrives then your house needs to be decorated in order for people to come in and feel at home with who they’re spending time with , which is why printing out pictures of flowers onto construction paper will make  nice decorative pieces when put together. It may not be the best choice since the ink may rub off over time but sometimes there’s no better alternative when it comes to transforming a dull party scene into something more colorful without breaking the bank . Note: There are plenty of other types of colored construction paper available…please use them instead of plain white ones whenever possible because this will allow you to have more creative control over what is being created.

Construction Paper Uses: DIY Masks

You can use construction paper to make masks of all shapes and sizes, which you can decorate in various ways such as gluing on glitter or sequins for added shine . Just remember not to glue anything to the frontside of the mask so it doesn’t block your vision when you wear it no matter how pretty it may look because there’s always a chance that something could fall off during wear . You don’t want that happening when someone takes their first step into a dark room waving their arms in front of them since they won’t know where they’re going unless they turn on a light switch.

Construction Paper Uses: Drawing Tools For Kids

If children are working on a craft then they’re bound to make mistakes at some point, which is why double-sided drawing tools are great for when you want to show them how it’s done only have the design turn out wrong . Just draw over their work until it looks right and then leave it up to them on whether or not they want to start over before moving on, which can help improve their artistic skills by simply wanting things to come out perfectly without having the fear of being told “No” if they choose  not to give something another shot.

Construction Paper Uses: Scratch Off Lotto Tickets

There are plenty of online guides that will teach you how use construction paper for scratch off lotto tickets , but what happens when you don’t have any laying around and you need some money quick? It’s simple, just use the back of a receipt instead! No one will know what was used to scratch it even if they get their hands on it so this is an idea that anyone can try and won’t look out of place at any event.


Construction Paper Uses: Shielding Light From Your Eyes

If there’s one thing people hate when trying to take a nap during the day then it’s sunlight shining into their eyes because of window placement , which is why using construction paper can create instant relief from such issues. All you need to do is angle the paper in front of your face and everything should be fine unless someone turns off the lights while you’re asleep, which means you may want to find something else to use when the sun goes down.

Construction Paper Uses: A Party Game (Limbo)

There are plenty of party games that can be played in the dark with everyone but if you don’t want too much light showing then using construction paper can help cover up what’s taking place . All you need to do is lay it on the ground, hold it over your head, and make sure no one bumps into anything while searching for a spot where they can stand without being seen or they’ll have to go back home without any candy since this trick only works for Halloween.

How to make a bookmark using construction paper


What you’ll need:

Construction paper (in any color) Scissors Ruler Stapler Glue stick Tape Pencil/pen/marker

Step One: Fold the construction paper in half. Use a ruler to make sure it’s even. Make your crease with a pencil or pen. Do this step twice, then open both sheets and put them together so that they’re back-to-back and lined up at their respective creases. Line them up evenly, then staple right along the top of where your creases meet to connect the two pieces of paper together. They will be one large sheet when you unfold them again, still folded in half.

Step Two: With the crease facing down toward the floor, fold the left half over to meet the other half. Fold it over again toward the right, folding all but a small inch or two of paper. And then another time, folding that small bit of exposed paper also.

Step Three: Cut a long rectangle out of the top, leaving about a quarter-inch border on both sides and half an inch at the top and bottom. When you unfold it, this will be your bookmark!

Step Four: Decorate your bookmark if you want to! You can color in the exposed part with pencils/pens/markers, cut off any jagged edges from when you stapled together (if they exist), etc. Then place glue along all four inside edges, along the part that lays closest to the crease. Fold it all back together again, then carefully smooth out any air bubbles and let dry.

Step Five: Decide how long you want your bookmark to be (you can put it right up against the staples now) and cut off any excess paper past where your creases are so they won’t get in the way when you’re using it. Length-wise, try not to make it shorter than about three inches or so? If you want a bookmark that’s more like 2″ wide, just make sure your construction paper is at least 3″ x 6″. For thicker bookmarks, use several pieces of construction paper folded over each other with staples holding them together instead of one large sheet.

Step Six: Fold your bookmark in half so that the crease is on the inside, then staple the other edge together the same way you did before.

Step Seven: Done! Now use it any time you need to mark a favorite part of a book, magazine, or newspaper while you’re reading- or just whenever 🙂

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The construction paper is made of 100% recycled materials, which is important for the environment. This product also comes with a free downloadable coloring book that can be used to teach children about recycling and sustainability in an entertaining way! Crayola has always been my favorite brand because they are focused on creativity and education- both things I believe are very important. It’s these two elements that make this company stand out among others like it, so if you’re looking to buy crayola construction paper online or offline I would definitely recommend checking them out first.

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