Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Best Class Setup S For Black Ops 2?

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In Call of Duty: Black Op 2, players can customize their in-game loadout, or classes, to whatever they deem fit to complement their game style. With the new “Pick 10” system, players have even more flexibility to create classes that better suit how they play the game. I feel one class setup, in particular, can help you improve your game and boost your score/min and KDR. It is a type of class that hasn't existed until now due to new attachments and the revised create-a-class system. In no way am I saying that this class is perfect or for everyone but I have experienced tremendous success with this class setup. I will go through and give a class breakdown as well as post a table at the bottom with the entire class setup.

Please leave your thoughts, ideas, comments, questions, suggestions in the comments section. I'm excited to see what people think about this class or what they would prefer instead.

Primary and Attachments

You're primary isn't a type of gun that you (or at least I) wouldn't have associated with a high-quality class. It is an assault rifle called the SMR. This is a single-shot assault rifle that has the strongest damage for an assault rifle, typical for single-shots. This type of gun has existed in previous Call of Duty games, but now with the select fire attachment, this gun is much more dangerous. The select fire attachment on this gun allows the SMR to become a full-auto weapon, which means you can simply hold down the trigger and it will continually fire (similar to the effect of a modded controller but now “legally” in the game). On top of the select fire attachment, I usually add quickdraw and a silencer or red dot sight, if I use the 3 primary attachments wildcard.

Seconday and Attachments

I usually play without a secondary gun and use one of the perk wildcards to gain another perk. If I had to select a secondary, however, I would pick the B23R pistol. I would choose this gun as it is a three round burst for strength and accuracy. I wouldn't use any attachments, but, if I had to, I would put a silencer on it to stay hidden on the minimap. Choosing a pistol over a launcher is due to the need for a closer ranged weapon as the primary gun is better for medium-to-long range so having a gun you can quickly switch to in close combat is a plus.

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For the perks in this class, I will select 4 using the perk 3 Greed Wildcard. I personally like hardline for perk one, toughness for perk 2, and dexterity & extreme conditioning for perk 3. Hardline helps me get killstreaks while the other 3 perks help me be quick and active in the match so I can run around and quickly pick up kills. These perks can be customized however you'd like as long as they within the 10 item limit in the new class system.


I use two wildcards in my class. First I use “Primary Gunfighter” so that I can put three attachments on my primary weapon, the SMR. As I said earlier I use this wildcard to put select fire, quickdraw, and a silencer or red dot on my gun. My second wildcard is “Perk 3 Greed” so I can choose a secondary perk 3. I use this to pick dexterity and extreme conditioning as my two perks 3's. Again, these items can be customized to fit your playstyle better so you can use these same wildcards with different attachments/perks or you can pick completely different wildcards.


Due to the 10-item limit of the class system and how I personally like to set up my class, there are no open slots for grenades. However, if I forced to move things around and I could choose lethal and tactical grenades, I would have to pick the bouncing betty for my lethal grenade and the shock charge for my tactical grenade. I usually use these grenades in conjunction so I throw my betty down and my shock charge near each other. This way an enemy will get hit by the shock charge and won't be able to avoid the betty. I also really like the shock charge in that you can stick it by objectives or chokepoints for consistent and effective use from it.

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This is how I personally set up my class. Each slot can be adjusted to whatever you would prefer, granted that it fits in the 10 item limit.

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