The Best Search And Destroy Class Setups Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare: Best Search And Destroy Classes

Looking for optimal loadouts and class setups for Search. Specifically one for defending and one for rushing.

膼ang xem: Best search and destroy class




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Defending: M4- Grenadier or Corvus, no stock, commando grip, stippled grip tape with the 5th attachment of your preference. (I run monolithic or compensator depending on map)

Perks: Always EOD, Restock, Shrapnel Learn those pre nade spots!


Rush: MP5- Merc Forgrip, 10mm mags, stippled grip, collapsible stock and either muzzel break or slight of hand.

Perks: Always EOD, ghost, battle hardened Use knife as secondary, rush to where you need to be before setting up for information.

If you like to snipe I'd recommend the AX-50 with singuard arms barrel, Assassin stock, stippled grip and whatever gun perk reduces flinch from getting shot.

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Good looks !

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M4 –

Grenadier/corvus barrel

commando grip

stippled tape

monolithic suppressor

GI mini reflex

eod(or overkill with the 725 – i know hate me but it works as the other team all do it!) – high alert/restock – shrapnel

rush b cyka class


integral subsonic barrel

ranger foregrip

10mm mags

sleight of hand

stippled griptape

eod (or overkill with a sniper rifle) – ghost – shrapnel with nades and stims

this would be meta but here is what i run out of interest.

Xem th锚m: Captain Sensible One Christmas Catalogue, Captain Sensible

rush –

ak47: skeleton stock, ranger foregrip, monolithic suppressor, stippled grip tape and sleight of hand

overkill with ax50

ghost and shrapnel w throwing knives and stim.


m13: 300 blackout, tempus marksman, skeleton stock, ranger foregrip and stippled grip tape

eod ghost and shrapnel with claymores.

shit has hit the fan if i use the 725 with overkill.

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The m4 class posted by papa nox is the class most of the pros use. I run a different class on my m4 for search but my play style is very slow on search in this game, I mainly use it for holding lanes and very rarely get into close combat.

Xem th锚m: The Best Thing I Ever Ate Philadelphia, (Tv Episode 2017)

M4 M16 barrel GI mini reflex (or whatever site you want) Singuar arms invader stock Rubberized grip tape Merc foregrip (May be operator, whichever one improves recoil control)

For rushing (this is mostly my respawn class) M4 Corvus custom (this gives you a bit more mobility over the m16) GI mini reflex (or whatever) No stock Stippled grip tape Commando foregrip

This setup kicks like crazy but if you are good at controlling recoil you鈥檒l be fine. A lot of people switch out the rear grip tape for compensator.

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