Best Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Songs Ranked, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Songs Ranked

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is an American rock band that was formed in Middleburg, Florida, in 2003. The band is best known for their 2006 single “Face Down” from their major-label release Don’t You Fake It and has released five studio albums to date. The current members are Ronnie Winter (lead vocals), Joey Westwood (bass), Josh Burke (lead guitar), Randy Winter (rhythm guitar), and John Espy (drums). Here are all of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus songs ranked.

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Don’t miss out on the music of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus! Click below and listen to the songs enjoyed by many pop-rock fans!

20. Disconnected (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 2004)

“It’s a very awesome song I automatically fell in love it should be at least at the top ten come on the song meaning really meant something and it’s better than any other song I’ve heard”

19. Grim Goodbye (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 2004)

“I think that this song is amazing and is one of the best songs I have heard with metal vocals in it. This song should totally everyone’s favorite. It’s the longest song I’ve heard and the most amazing song I’ve heard. Screw the ones who hate this song.”

18. Reap (Am I the Enemy, 2011)

“My favorite song ever. In the entire world. I can’t even understand anyone who doesn’t like it. Like are your ears not processing sound correctly? It’s an insult. The vocals, the screaming, the melody, the everything… perfection.”


5. Damn Regret (Don’t You Fake It, 2006)

“Definitely one of their best, a close second to face down with cat and mouse very close behind. The catchiest of all of their songs in my opinion. Great video!”

4. Cat and Mouse (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 2004)

“An amazing sad song with emotion and heart. I recently heard the song and loved it instantly. The song makes you appreciate the ones you love. So sad yet so uplifting.”

3. False Pretense (Don’t You Fake It, 2006)

“The vocals are just awesome… I haven’t heard anything like this… With so much precision, I mean really good breath control at the same time a strong song with amazing backup. Kudos… Love it.”

2. Your Guardian Angel (Don’t You Fake It, 2006)

“Come on, I’ve goosebumps whenever I hear this song. This song made me love RJA! & and and the vocal is so damn hot that I always melt and feel like floating in the sky. Laugh out loud. This song should be the NUMBER ONE! Love you, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus!”

1. Face Down (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, 2004)

“This is the best! I love how they told its story, the drums isn’t overpowering other instruments. The lyrics was painfully good and can struck you right in the heart. Never been in love in alternative rock not until I heard this song”

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