Top 9 Best League of Legends apps 2022

League of Legends is a complex game with a lot of moving parts. You need the right tools to manage your champions, items, runes and masteries in order to be successful.

There are many apps out there that promise to help you improve your game, but most of them are either too complicated or don’t work at all.

The best league of legends apps will allow you to easily track champion counters, see which items are good against certain enemies and much more! It’s perfect for beginners who want to get better or advanced players looking for an edge over their opponents. Mobile app in our blog is available on iOS and Android devices so you can use it wherever you go!

 Best League of Legends apps
Best League of Legends apps

What do you need LoL apps for?

As with most things, LoL apps can be used to make life easier. Check out what Riot Games has o offer here to learn more about the game itself.

It is easy to access files on your desktop directly from your phone or computer. Information which you might need in order to improve at the game will always be readily available.

What are some of the advantages of using these types of apps?

The League of Legends app can provide you with information concerning any last minute changes that were made in order to balance the game even when you are away from your computer and unable to log in right away. You’ll also see all sorts of strategies that have been created by players who share their insights, so they might help you improve your game.

The app will let you chat with your friends whenever you’re not at home but still want to play LoL . It is also very easy to take screenshots of the action and share them on social media networks or image hosting websites like imgur. You can even create movies which show your epic battles (or failures) and post them on YouTube, where everyone can see them!

What are some disadvantages?

These apps usually require an internet connection in order to work, so if you’re out of range then there’s not much that they’ll be able to do for you. Also, it’s worth mentioning that players who wish to use these kinds of applications might be breaking the game’s terms of service agreement without realizing it.

We have listed some of the best League of Legends apps below. If you are currently looking for an app to use, then these ones should be able to help you out!

Best lol app for PC, Android, and iPhone


Blitz allows players to keep an eye on the action even when they’re away from their desktops. It is extremely easy to set up, it takes just a few seconds, and you can use it pretty much anywhere that you have internet access.

You’ll be able to see what’s going on in your game at all times with ease, so no matter where you are or what you are doing you won’t miss out!


When you first boot up Blitz, it will automatically record your three most recent games and make them accessible to you whenever you want. You’ll be able to filter the videos by champion, location, length of time played and more so that they’re easier for you to locate.

It’s also possible to rewatch matches from your opponent’s perspective if that is something that might help you improve!

Blitz also offers players a vast array of stats that can be used in order to better understand how their performance measures up against other gamers who play League of Legends.

If you pay close attention and keep practicing at this app, then there is no reason why it shouldn’t begin helping you climb the ranked ladder!


Mobalytics is a set of apps which provide players with the best ways to manage their gameplay, and it’s designed to be used by beginners and veterans alike.

The app is free to play but only offers certain features to those who haven’t spent money on microtransactions (MTX), while others can enjoy all of its great functions without spending any extra cash.

It’s possible to monitor your performance and see how it is affected by certain choices that you make during the game.

This includes things like runes and masteries, as well as items bought and abilities used. You’ll be able to compare your playstyle with those of other gamers who have been playing for a long time, or you can look at your stats from the perspective of an opponent who was recently matched against you!


Porofessor is a small but fully functional app which players to use in order to improve their game. It was designed with esports in mind, so nothing is left to chance. The Porofessor app will analyze your match and give you tips which can help you to do better in the future!

It is possible for PC gamers to import a replay file into the app and then check out a summary of their match. This will show them what they did well, where they went wrong and what they can improve on in order to do better next time around!

It’s also possible for iPhone gamers to export a log of their most recent League of Legends match so that it is easier for them to review it at a later date. This is especially useful for those who are interested in tracking their stats over the course of time so that they can watch them rise and fall as they play more matches!


The Overwolf app has been designed to help you get the latest extension and see what others are using. It’s a software platform that provides users with easy access, so they don’t have create their own apps or programs themselves in order for it!


All of this information can be accessed through one simple interface which makes developing an idea easier than ever before – giving Summoners Rift players even more features than ever before possible without having too much trouble finding them if there is something specific needed at any given time.

LoL Sumo

For those who play League of Legends, it’s invaluable to have a tool that will help you optimize your games.

Imagine being able to know which champion is stronger than another and what skill order works best for any given situation – all from just one glance!

The LoLSumo app does this with ease by showing ranked data on teammates’ performances as well as enemies’. It even lets users see when someone has gone AFK so they can shake them out of Stealth Mode before things get too serious (or start spamming the chat).

There are no download requirements or ads – just straightforward gameplay info at everyone’s fingertips in seconds flat.” (iOS / Android)

Twitch is an application that allows you to watch your favorite entertainers and tournaments on mobile devices.

There are two versions available: iOS for iPhones/iPod Touches, or Android which works with most HTC smartphones from the Play store but not all phones running Gingerbread (2nd generation) software;

However there’s always a way around if someone wants them! All this app needs after installing it onto whichever type of phone they have will be access rights so just open up settings>security

Ready up for League of Legends (iOS / Android)

League of Legends is a game where each champion has their own set statistics and strengths.

Ready Up for League gives you every detail about your team’s or enemies’ stats, but also allows users an opportunity to browse through builds by professional players in order find out how they think before deciding on strategies themselves!

Another really cool feature that this software offers are detailed match histories analyzing items bought at what time as well skills leveled along with those who had higher levels than other champions during specific points throughout gameplay which will definitely help improve skill level quickly.

Because it provides so much information analyzed all into one place insteadTaking up less room compared previous programs available., Riot Games finally decided enough was enough when looking at various statistic tools provided within client.

League of Legends Friends (iOS / Android)

The official Riot Games account login and messaging app is a must-have for all LoL players. The ability to chat with your friends list from anywhere in the world, or set up ranked games after work are just some of its many benefits!

This useful tool syncs conversations across everything installed on it so you can access them at any time – perfect if installing this onto both phone & tablet devices as they usually end up being carried everywhere by their owners (like myself).

OP.GG (iOS / Android)

With its official website, provides one of the best analytic applications for LoL players and their stats are always up to date with what is happening in game – they’re even available on mobile devices!

The site also features an auto-balancer tool which ensures that no matter who you play against at any point during your matchmaking session: it will give them an equal chance as well so there’s not too much unfairness involved when playing matches online.

Best LoL websites


Many of the best League of Legends guides available today come from MobaFire, a website that has been around since early days and is still providing amazing information. You can also share your own knowledge with ease using this site’s simple posting system.


So if you want help teaching others how they should play certain roles or champions then look no further! Moba Fire provides access to current patch notes as well interviews featuring pro players discussing gameplay topics.


Without a doubt, this is the most used League of Legends website. It hoards tons of data and information about every League of Legends player including pros.

It is also arguably the most accurate LoL statistics website available on the internet. Most importantly both apps and websites are continuously growing and improving so for sure we will see more new functions and more data. If you are a true LoL fan you should try it at least once.

Knowing your teammates is huge in League of Legends. If you copy and paste “user xxxxx logged in” into the browser, it will ignore everything but their login information which can help with knowing who’s off-role or on a winning streak for instance!

This website is a must for any LoL player.

It has statistics like win rates, performance rankings and champion rankings as well as builds to suit every hero in the game with their own roles they can fulfill- it also provides information on CS (average) gold earned killing sprees win percentages play percentage ban rates etc.

This database from BlitzGG enables mobile users access too so if you want your stats then this may be an option worth consideration!

The League of Legends – if you’re not into checking complicated statistics, analyzing data and match history then this might be the website for you.

After opening their page all that’s needed is a simple search by typing in your champion name to find what build was recently used on him/her by pro players (which can be extremely useful after item patches when unsure about new meta).

It gives an unfair advantage against opponents ranked game- especially since it shows them which builds were most successful during those periods too!

Safety of League apps

Not all apps are safe, but without a doubt there are some trustworthy.

It is up to you whether or not want risk your credentials using fishy 3rd party programs that might seem scary at first glance.

In reality many programs have been confirmed by Riot Games as being completely secure so they won’t get banned from using them and the information on their website shows 100% if their approval for this app will keep it just like how my friend used hers before me with no problems whatsoever!


What is the best app for League of Legends?

A type of app I feel would be great in anyone’s arsenal is an app that tells you about your match history.

This will help newer players know how to build champs and keep track of their growth through out the game.

A lot of these apps will show you what kind of items you bought after each death or assist. After seeing this data I can easily say it helps improve my play style by making me rethink my strategy when playing certain champ builds. These apps tell you what your win

What is the best League of Legends companion?

League of Legends, the most popular PC game since its creation by Riot Games in 2009. To some it’s a simple online multiplayer game, to others a hobby and even for some a job.

In today’s world of mobile devices and high speed internet connections, almost all League of Legends players have an answer to this question – LoL Summoner Info – an app that displays vital information regarding your summoner account such as your league divisions, various statistics tracked on every champion you played with or against and much more.

Is Blitz GG or Mobalytics better?

The main difference between the apps is how they track and analyze player statistics.

BlitzGG allows users to check their individual match history as well as the statistics of other summoners, whereas Mobalytics sets itself apart with its “Performance Tracking” section which allows players to track their stats over multiple games and compare them to others in a similar division or position on a team.

Each day, both apps allow the user to view the matches they have completed so far and how many points they’ve accumulated towards gaining next reward/level up.

Players can see what sort of rewards are available too; BlitzGG offers new icon packs for rankedand sometimes normal) wins while Mobalytics gives out different skins such as Victorious Orianna or Champion of the Poro for leveling up.


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