The 10 Best Drum Samples 2015, 50 Best Acoustic Drum Kit Samples


Drum Samples

If you have been drumming for a while, then you understand the importance of sample drum libraries. They are becoming more and more popular as bedroom music producers find their way into the market.

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For home, studio owners are finding the drum samples quite useful to their work. They use them for creating the most amazing sounds anyone would want to hear.

No one can deny that drums are the most troublesome instruments for a recording job.

There is a solution for those who are planning to do this but don’t have real drum samples.

In this guide, I will be presenting you with 13 of the best drum sample packs libraries. You will see just how easy it can be to record without the need of a live room or many microphones.

Producers also get the chance to tweak individual sounds, leaving the artist happy with more results.

13 Drum Samples to choose by in 2022

1. Real Drum Samples


Real Drum Samples

At Real Drum Sample packs, you will find Jay Fisher giving away more than 100 premium samples for free. And they are really great for hip-hop.

You may already have some drum virtual samples currently, but you should consider these if they are not getting you where you want.

Fisher is a great artist who has caught the attention of some of the big names in the music industry. Titles like Needlz (Bruno Mars, 50 Cent, The Game), Jean-Marie Horvat (Timberland Trey Songz, Justine Timberlake), and Tha Bizness (Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, 50 Cent), are all under his name.

And if you want even more incredible beats, his premium packages have it all.

You can check out:

Line of Legends Bundle. This package comes with a ton of wonderful kicks, snares, claps, finger snaps, hi-hats, toms, cymbals, and 808 sounds. Each sound is individually EQ’d, filter, and compressed, giving you a great punch. Jay has been offering a 20% discount for readers of the premium packs.Ultimate Percussion Jungle Bundle. With more than 400 high-quality percussion sounds, there is nothing you will not get from this package. It comes bearing half a decade of Exotic Percussion Recordings combined into one huge bundle.

2. Loop cloud


Loop Cloud

Here is another popular cloud-based sample application. There is lots of fun and room to familiarize yourself with all its functions, which are so many, by the way.

Using the app is pretty basic. Once you download it a sign up, you get access to different instruments, including drums.

You also get the best drum plugins for various DAW, which helps the user integrate it with some of the best drum apps for increased convenience.

As if that is not enough, the app offers its own loop edition, which lets you work on these samples separately before exporting to your DAW.

It is easy to edit, slice, reverse, and even touch your workstation, which positively impacts your workflow.

This is a free and paid tool.

3. Splice Sounds


Splice Sounds

Splice Sounds is a paid tool. When you mention samples to many producers and music fans, the word Splice is often the name that comes into their minds.

This is a typical cloud management app that offers highly convenient use. All you have to do is download the app, and it will integrate easily with your DAW.

Its design allows for a fast and easy workflow. It has more advantages than typical downloadable samples.

The website offers a huge library that has tons of other instruments besides drums. You gain access to samples created and used by the popular producer.

Unlike other websites where the user needs to pay per sample or bundle, Splice allows for a monthly subscription. I think this is great because you don’t have to waste money on some samples you may never use.

4. Toon track Superior Drummer 3


Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

Super Drummer 3 by Toon track is one of the best options if you need more than just a drums sample pack. It is a plugin for your DAW that comes with a huge amount of options and variety to emulate both acoustic drums and create machine types tunes.

It is the brainchild of award-winning engineer George Massen burg. This is why you can trust it for top-tier sound quality.

5. Addictive Drums 2 by XLN Audio


Addictive Drums 2 By Xln Audio

According to XLN Audio, this plugin is the ultimate production studio. And this is true.

Addictive Drum 2 is a software you can rely on if you are looking for greater dynamic realism in drum programming.

Asides from its dynamics, many of the libraries sold by XLN for Addictive Drums 2 sound incredible. You can pick the kits you want according to your taste.

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6. Get Good Drums


Get Good Drums

The name tells it all. GGD is a good place to find incredible drums samples.

You will love using this application immediately. It is a sample library collaboration from members, so the Periphery band.

The team wanted a drum library that would work well for producing demos and albums. This is how they came up with the Matt Halpern Signature Pack.

Every sample is incredible but tends to lean more towards kick samples and medium snare tuning. The library is quite handy for any genre.

7. That Sound


That Sound Sample

Working with indie and pop music has never been easier with That Sound. This is a boutique audio company that has made a wide range of sample packs useful for modern genres.

This company should be on your radar for the most exciting sounds. Sample packages like Mammoth, Neon, Nir & Jeff, and 1985 are quite incredible.

8. Drum forge


Drumforge 1 Sampler

Drum forge is a great audio company headed by producer Joe Wohlitz, Joel Wanasek, and Joey Sturgis. Their first sample pack was called Drum forge 1 Sampler that carries an award-winning library of 54 drums and 14 cymbals. It gives you both processes and unprocessed sounds out of the box.

9. Superior Drummer 3


Superior Drummer 3

“Super Drummer has been changed and improved over three different iterations. The newest boosting some with a whopping 230GB of the library.

The tools are packed with seven drum kits, shell dimensions from 6-inch to 20-inch. There are tons of stitch choices, optional head selection, electronic samples, 25 acoustic snares, and 16 acoustic kicks.

Its unique qualities and a large side of Galaxy Studio in Belgium were an excellent fit for SD3. The team from Toontrack, under master engineer George Massen burg, has done an incredible job.

10. Circle Drums Samples


Circle Drums Samples

Thinks about recording and sampling drums outside, specifically, out in a desert canyon. Circle Drum Samples has brought to you the incredible sample libraries you have ever heard about this service.

Thought you would be recording outside; the close drum sounds are slightly dry. You won’t hear any noise or anything that may come from outside recording.

11. Modern Samples


Modern Samples Drum

This sample website has been operating since 2015, with the aim of offering in best quality drum samples at pocket-friendly rates. You get drum sounds that have a unique and exciting tone, yet with room for processing. This means you have a wide room to improve without best drum hardware.

12. Trap Drums HQ


Trap Drums Hq

This website comes with an extensive collection of hard-hitting, professionally recorded drum machines sounds for use in trap and hip-hop projects. The samples were recorded from analog machines through a combination of API 312 preamps.

13. Black Drum Kit


Black Drum Kits

This drum sample packs come from Angelic Vibes. It is a unique, high-quality pack that is a high-quality pack that is perfect for trap music. It features custom-made 808s, great snares, melody loops, female hooks, and much more.

Where can I find good drum samples?

Free Drum kits samples are the best way to create good music without using so many instruments. And today, there are so many places to get drum samples.

With internet technology, you can find good drum samples with ease.

But there are such websites that offer these samples that finding the right one may not be easy. But don’t worry, here are 13 great websites where you can get good samples.

Where can I get free drum samples?

Many websites offer free drum samples. For instance, some of the websites reviewed above have both paid and free features.

For example, Real Drum Samples come with many beautiful samples for free. You can also use paid features, but there may not be much difference.

What is the best 808 sample pack?

An 808 bass drum kit sound has become a defining factor in modern music, more so hip hop. The sound originated as a default sound for Roland TR-808, which has not become an iconic brand. It is rumbling, yet rounded tones can be linked with early hip-hop.

And whether you are a beginner or advanced producer/beatmaker, you will need a quality collection of 808 bass drums.

You can find a few defaults 808 drum sounds with most DAWs, but software like 808 Warfare is necessary for the best experience. This is the most popular, iconic singular sound in hip hop and other music styles. There is also the Zenhiser-Universal 808 Kicks.

These two offer the best 808 sample pack. But of course, there is other software with similar functions.

What is the best drum sample plugin?

There are so many drum machines plugins in the world today. And you need to get the best for ultimate functionality.

Some of the excellent drum VST plugins include:

Xfer NerveMomentum by Impact Sound worksDrum kits Weapon 5 andSynch 3 from Audio Modern.

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The world of acoustic drum sample libraries has really developed. You can now find any sample you and make great music from the comfort of your home. I hope this article has been helpful in this.

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