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  • One link in your bio offers visitors everything you want them to see
  • Collect email addresses and contact numbers 
  • Digital storefront
  • Can accept donations
  • Can link TikTok product feeds
  • Custom domains
  • Referral program

What is it, Exactly? is a link aggregator. It’s where you’ll place all URLs that lead people interested in your brand and what you have to offer to specific destinations. If that sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve likely heard of LinkTree. Beacons is a direct competitor and offers more premium features for free.

What’s the Cost? offers two plans; the Creator plan and an Entrepreneur plan. The Creator plan offers enough to get you started, where the Entrepreneur plan includes all you’ll need to make your influencer brand look professional. Here’s a look at what both plans include:

  • Creator Plan, $0/mo: Monetize your profile using shoppable TikTok feed links, sell digital products, accept donations without a Beacons transactions fee (there is a transaction fee from your payment provider), add unlimited links, add social media links and friend profiles, embed music and videos (do this automatically for YouTube videos and Tweets), analytics, basic customizable themes (including buttons and fonts). Creators also get 2 tabs, an email and SMS collector, sensitive content warnings, email support. 
  • Entrepreneur Plan, $10/mo: All the above plus: removal of Beacons’ logo, the option to use a custom domain (, premium support, team access. You also get better analytics capabilities in the form of the Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, and UTM parameters. Get to add custom meta to help with SEO, and additional blocks, a free SSL certificate, and 5 tabs.

A word on transaction fees

We think that Beacons’ transaction fees for digital product sales are on the high side. Creators are billed 9% and Entrepreneurs 5%. Compared to LinkTree’s 1.75% and 0.5%, and the additional transaction fee charged by payment providers, Beacons is overpriced.

Is It Easy to Setup and Use?

Beacons set is powered by AI. That means you’ll do very little work to get set up. Sure, there may be aspects of your profile creation that may not be accurate or feel personalized enough, but you can change them as you go. The setup process is 6 steps long. In it, you’ll add your username, social media handles, pick a theme, share what your primary interest is and whether you’ll be selling digital products.

Your bio is where Beacons’ AI kicks in. It will offer up a collection of AI-created bios based on your preselected interest. This may sound restrictive, especially if you’re into more than one thing, but rest assured you can create your own bio if none are appealing to you.

A feature we found to be pro-influencers is the chance to secure a custom domain name. Building a personal brand is all about branding. Owning a custom domain makes it easier for people to find you and your content. Beacons streamlines this process, allowing you to secure and link your domain name to a Beacons page. If you opt for the Creator (free) plan, Beacon will give you free hosting on their domain (

There’s also an opportunity to upgrade to the Entrepreneur plan, and if you can afford the $10/mo, we think it’s a good buy. The Entrepreneur plan offers lower digital product transaction fees and a more professional look. 

Done with setup and need to make profile edits? Logging into your account will send you directly to a dashboard. It comes with 3 tabs that offer customization options. These include:

My Page: Shows all blocks where you’ll add content:

Appearance: Change the theme, page style, and more:

Advanced: Link a customer domain and upgrade to use marketing features:

How to Make Money With Beacons

Beacons is all about links that send people to specific destinations. And when it comes to monetizing your profile, there are a number of ways to use links that make the platform a smart choice. These include:

  • A Shoppable TikTok feed that allows you to link products from your TikTok profile on Beacons
  • A digital products store
  • Creator support lets you accept donations 

These are helpful monetization options, and there are others you can use for long-term income growth, like collecting email addresses for email marketing. A list of subscribers can be lucrative. You can reach out to fans and make product recommendations or sell your own merchandise. The same goes for SMS. By collecting contact numbers, you can run SMS campaigns to drive traffic to special offers or promotions.


Beacons incentivizes creators to recommend its platform. Each sign-up will earn your $20 in credits and 30% of the revenue generated by your referral for the next year.

The Bottom Line

One-page link sites are straightforward products. They are designed to share your most important links with visitors. Beacons does that and offers a handful of monetization and marketing features that we think all serious influencers should have access to. We like how easy the platform is to work in, and that you can use a custom domain that can be acquired through Beacons. If you’re looking for an alternative to LinkTree, give Beacons a try. 

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