approximately what portion of north america is covered by forests


Approximately What Portion Of North America Is Covered By Forests?

Forests and other wooded land today cover approximately 850 million ha in North America, slightly more than 40 percent of the total land area. Of this, forests account for about 500 million ha, or 25 percent of the land area.

What percent of America is forest?

Forest area (% of land area) in United States was reported at 33.87 % in 2020, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

Which area of North America contains the most land covered by forest?

Alaska is the largest U.S. state in terms of area and also contains some areas of the most untamed wildlife in North America. In 2012, there was around 91.8 million acres of forest area located in Alaska, more than any other U.S. state.

How many forests are in North America?

OVERVIEW. The United States has the fourth largest forest estate of any nation, with 8% of the world’s forests or about 300 million hectares of forest, exceeded only by the Russian Federation, Brazil and Canada. About 33 percent of the United States (302 million hectares — 747 million acres) is forested.

Which country has 48% of its area under forest?

South America, with 48%, and Europe (including Russia), with 46%, are the continents with the highest share of forest cover, as opposed to Asia, with 19% forest cover.

Was America covered in forests?

As of 2016, roughly 36.21% (about one-third of the U.S.) is forested. Excluding the U.S. territories, forested land in the U.S. covers roughly 818,814,000 acres (3,313,622 square kilometers).

How much of Canada is covered in forest?

With over 347 million hectares (ha) of forest, Canada has 9% of the world’s forests. Forests dominate many Canadian landscapes, but cover only 38% of Canada’s land area. The forest area of Canada is stable, with less than half of 1% deforested since 1990.

Which continent has most forest cover?

Continents Of The World By Forest Cover
RankContinentForest cover (in million hectares)
2South America842
3North And Central America751

Which US state has the highest percentage of forest cover?

List by state, district, or territory
RankState, district or territoryPercent forest (2016)
2New Hampshire84.32%
3American Samoa80.84%
4Northern Mariana Islands80.37%

Which country has the highest forest cover?

Forest Area by Country
#CountrySqare meters per capita
4United States9,556

How many hectares of forest does the US have?

304 million hectares
The United States has the fourth largest forest estate in the world, including about 8 percent of the world’s forests. We have about 304 million hectares of forest land covering about a third of our land area.

How much of India is covered in forest?

State / UTGeographical Area% of forested area
Madhya Pradesh308,25225.11%

How much of America has been deforested?

United States Deforestation Rates & Statistics | GFW. In 2010, United States had 252Mha of natural forest, extending over 29% of its land area. In 2020, it lost 1.59Mha of natural forest, equivalent to 683Mt of CO₂ of emissions.

What is forest cover area?

Forest cover is the amount of land area that is covered by forest. It may be measured as relative (in percent) or absolute (in square kilometres/square miles). Around a third of the world’s surface is covered with forest, with closed-canopy forest accounting for 4 – 5 billion hectares of land.

Which country has least forest cover?

Forest in the Altai Territory of Russia. By the above definition, forests cover approximately 31% of the Earth’s total land area, about 4.06 billion hectares (40.6 million square kilometers).

50 Countries with lowest forest cover in the world (as % of land area)
CountryForest area (% of land area)
South Sudan11

How much land do forests cover?

Forest ecosystems are a critical component of the world’s biodiversity as many forests are more biodiverse than other ecosystems. Forests cover 31 percent of the global land area.

How much of the US was covered in forest in 1620?

In 1620, forests covered 46 percent of the total land area of the United States. By 1910, the area of forest land had fallen to an estimated 34 percent of the total land area. In 2012, forest land made up 33 percent of the total land area of the United States.

How much of Brazil is forest?

Forest area (% of land area) in Brazil was reported at 59.42 % in 2020, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

How much of South America is forest?

Tropical forests make up about 40% of the world’s forested area and contain about 60% of global forest biomass. Forests occupy approximately 22% of South America, and represent about 27% of the world’s global forest coverage.

Which Canadian provinces are entirely covered in forests?

Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island are all provinces or territories completely covered in forests. They are cover in mixed, deciduous, or coniferous forests.

Which province has more area of forest in Nepal?

mid-west region
The mid-west region comprises the maximum section of forest area while the far-west covers the least section. According to the data made available by the Department, the mid-west region has 1,846,365 hectares of forest area while the forest area in the far-west is expanded to 135,900 hectares.

What percentage of Australia is forest?

Forest area

Australia has a total of 134 million hectares of forest, which is equivalent to 17% of Australia’s land area.

What does forest cover include?

As per the report, “forest cover” includes all tree patches which have canopy density more than 10 percent and area of one hectare or more in size, irrespective of their legal status and species composition.

How much forest cover is to be maintained as per the National Forest Policy of 1988?

National Forest Policy (1988) of India has recommended 33 percent forest cover for the plains and 67 percent for the hills.

Which country is mainly covered with forest land?

Suriname is the most forested country in the world.

How much of Pennsylvania is covered by forests?

58 percent
Pennsylvania’s forest land area totals 16.9 million acres and occupies 58 percent of the State’s land area (Table 1). Ninety-seven percent of Pennsylvania’s forest land, 16.3 million acres, is classified as timberland.

Which state has the most national forest?

Alaska has the most national forest land, with 21.9 million acres (8.9 million ha), followed by California (20.8 million acres, 8.4 million ha) and Idaho (20.4 million acres, 8.3 million ha).

What is the largest forest in the United States?

the Tongass National Forest
At roughly the size of West Virginia, the Tongass National Forest is also the largest national forest in the U.S. and home to approximately 70,000 people living in 32 communities, including the state capital, Juneau.

How much percentage of forest area in the country according to the national forest policy?

National forest policy of 1932 had a target of keeping 33% of land area under forest in India because that percentage is regarded as the minimum required for maintaining ecological balance in a country.

How much of each country is forest?

Forest cover: international comparisons
CountryForest area (million ha)Forest as % of land area
United Kingdom313

Which of these countries is mainly covered with forest land class 8?

Brazil is mainly covered with forest land.

How many forest regions are in the US?

There are nine Forest Service Regions. The regions are broad geographic areas, usually including several states, encompassing 155 National Forests and 20 National Grasslands.

How much of China is covered by forests?

According to the U.N. FAO, 21.9% or about 206,861,000 ha of China is forested, according to FAO. Of this 5.6% ( 11,632,000 ) is classified as primary forest, the most biodiverse and carbon-dense form of forest.

How much of US forests are privately owned?

Fifty-six percent of the 751 million acres of forest land in the United States is privately owned.

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